Full Circle: Before They Were Famous

"Full Circle: Before They Were Famous," (Director Brian Bayerl) a documentary chronicling The William John Kennedy archive, photographed in the early 1960s at a time when Kennedy forged a friendship with both Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana. Remarkably the negatives were stored in a closet collecting dust for over four decades, and nearly thrown away.

The images capture the artists in an unprecedented way with their soon-to-be iconic works at the seminal point of their careers and birth of the Pop Art movement. It was as if Kennedy was prescient of their unimaginable future fame. Art notables also include Roy Lichtenstein, Marisol, Agnes Martin, Claes Oldenburg, Mario Amaya, Dorothy Miller, Henry Geldzahler, and Warhol Superstars Taylor Mead & UltraViolet.

The film was created to tell the untold story of William John Kennedy's truly historic body of work, directly from the voices that were present in the 1960s New York art scene--with today's historians reflecting on the past. Starring the famed LOVE artist Robert Indiana, Warhol Superstars Ultra Violet and Taylor Mead, and Eric Shiner the Director of The Andy Warhol Museum.

Run Time: 45 Minutes
Story: Brian Bayerl and Michael Huter
Created by: Michael Huter, Jeffrey Wilkinson and Louis Canales
Original Music: David James Rosen

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